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Medical Costs and How they are Covered

Covid-19 Medical Costs and How they are Covered

PPE is hard to come by and medical costs for care are on the rise with Covid-19. Even before a patient sees a doctor, many are left to wonder if they are covered. Every aspect of this viral disease is a costly endeavor for the provider as it infects their offices, requires expensive tests, procedures and experimental drugs. The billing codes are just being released as providers scramble to pay for care and deal with governments telling them to [...]


Medical Bills and Arbitration: Surprise Billing is Coming to an End, What is the Solution?

Individuals have the power to make contracts with people over almost anything, so long as all parties mutually agree and are aware of the stipulations within the agreement. The issue with medical billing in an emergency is that people are agreeing to receive care from professionals when they are not in an equal bargaining position, to refuse care could result in death in the moment for some.  Individuals and providers attempt to avoid the complications of this dynamic by contracting [...]


Healthcare Enrollment Dates, Fees and a Delicate Dance for Coverage

There are so many costs associated with healthcare. To meet contractual requirements, each fee has a different name with specific stipulations. As insurance holders, members pay premiums for coverage to insurance companies and then pay providers directly until they meet their deduction before insurance starts to pay the bill, as well as, other out-of-pocket expenses that are almost never covered like over the counter prescriptions. It is costly for patients to satisfy the minimum fee requirements before insurance kicks [...]

Negotiating Medical Bills is Possible with a Medical Bill Advocate

Faith-Based Health Cost Sharing Vs. Associated Health Plans

Negotiating Medical Bills is Necessary to Save on Costs Taking care of our health can be a costly endeavor. The ability to pay can become a matter of life and death if bills rack up over long term care that falls into collections. That is why having insurance is so important during unexpected emergencies or when someone has a chronic illness. Medwise Insurance Advocacy, your medical bill advocate, has been negotiating with companies that offer health “cost-sharing” that is not [...]


The Courts in Texas and the Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act created a private insurance market that 15 million Americans use for coverage. The act also encouraged state Medicaid expansion that covers another 15 million, as well as, provides protections for people with preexisting conditions and other regulations. The contractual dynamic between insurance companies, physicians and the insured gradually became standardized. There was a time, I even thought it would be the end of individuals having to negotiate their medical bills based on pre-existing conditions and obscure coverage limitations. However, [...]


Negotiating International Medical Care: 10 Key Questions to Lower Medical Costs When Traveling Abroad

Senators like Rand Paul are going to Canada to competitively shop and save on care. Patients seeking tips on how to lower costs on past bills can save and receive specialized care when they travel beyond borders for health services. The growth in international medical travel is due to improved availability of health technology, decreasing costs for travel and advertising by companies wishing to attract patients. Treatment may span the full range of medical services, but most commonly these services includes [...]


Use Due Diligence to Negotiate Medical Bills

Associated health plans and self-insurance programs are increasingly part of the healthcare marketplace and they are leading a movement of comparative shopping for medical care and prescriptions . Over 90% of patients want to know what their costs will be for care prior to service. In January 2019 a federal requirement insists hospitals list their service prices on the hospitals website. Unfortunately, the prices are not the same across the board and there is not an industry standard service [...]


Are Low Cost Associated Health Plans Worth It?

Your health is great, until it isn’t. Health care plans that are pitched to someone who is healthy may not necessarily cover them when sick, especially if a low cost Associated Health Plan (AHP) is purchased. The latest news in healthcare is the introduction of AHPs that offer alternative coverage that is not governed by the Affordable Care Act. These plans boast being a cost saver for small businesses and sole entrepreneurs. Although plans will be flexible and inexpensive, [...]