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We are proud of the results we have achieved for our clients by analyzing and resolving medical bills, medical lien claims, medical insurance pre-authorizations, denied insurance claims and more. 


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I was dealing with a lot of red tape while trying to negotiate a VERY inflated bill for a simple hospital outpatient test. It’s sad how during all that time I was asking help or at least a little cooperation/consideration from the hospital and other entities, no one would. I was feeling like there was no where to turn and didn’t have any idea of what to do next. That help DID come once I found the MedWise website online and spoke with Adria Gross for the first time. A massive weight came off my shoulders once we spoke about my situation. Now, my medical bill issue has been solved thanks to Adria and her book. The assistance and advice she gave me was more than I could ask for, and I can say I slept better at night knowing she was in my corner and working extremely hard to help me. Adria kept me in the loop during the entire process and that gesture really diminished my anxiety during the times I was feeling negative and defeated. Adria's, kindness, wisdom and cheerfulness, is only overshadowed by the sense of professionalism and thoroughness she displayed, not only to me but I’m sure also to other clients. My only regret is I didn’t find out about her book and MedWise sooner than I did. I am very blessed to have had Adria as an Advocate. She really helped me and I do also recommend her book. If I had read it before getting my medical test, I would've definitely avoided the medical bill trap I fell into. If you are in trouble with medical bills, this book will tell you what to do and how to contact someone. Many thanks to the Author, Adria Gross!
Amazon Review
I called Adria even before I ordered her book and she was SO HELPFUL. She is a true gem and her heart is absolutely in the right place for helping others. She has a strong desire to serve those being taken advantage of by the medical establishment. She is a rare, true warrior for the public good, and her methods are sound and assertive, which is why her strategies get results. She has a wealth of knowledge derived from years of experience, along with a passion for helping people who are struggling to pay for their medical expenses. Thankfully, my friend's situation with insane hospital billing for a single ER visit was resolved by filing for a charity write-down. There is a third-party bill from the same ER visit that we're still waiting to see if it gets written off. We're told it will be, but if not, we are ready to go a more direct route that Adria guided us on. We were ready to go that route with the hospital if we needed to, but we didn't have to. That would have been fun for me personally, but was unnecessary in this case. I consider the hospital lucky that they decided to do the right thing! We'll see how smart this third-party biller is! To be continued...
Amazon Review
I'm so thankful that I found Adria! Personable and caring, she was immensely helpful and effective in helping me successfully resolve a surprise hospital bill for almost $6000 for two standard outpatient tests. Her knowledge and expertise were instrumental in allowing me to dispute the charges confidently. The end result was I owed the hospital nothing. Highly recommend!
Amazon Review
After reading this book I knew that Adria Gross of MedWise Insurance Advocacy would be able to assist me with a medical billing issue. I recently received treatment at a “walk-in emergency care facility” for chest pains and difficulty breathing. Unfortunately this medical facility was “out of network’ and charged me approximately 10 times the cost for treatment as compared to an “in network” facility. After getting the run-around with the medical facility’s billing department as well as my health insurance company, I decided to enlist the help of Adria Gross from the MedWise Insurance Advocacy. Adria is extremely knowledgeable in the field of health-care, billing, and insurance and she knew from the start that this medical facility was using un-ethical billing practices to take advantage of patients. Adria is very passionate about her role protecting patient rights and immediately went to work to resolve my problem. After long hours of exasperating work she still had made little headway with neither my Health Insurance company or the medical facility’s billing department. She refused to give up and continued to work tirelessly utilizing her vast array of resources. Adria’s persistence paid off and she ultimately was able to reduce my balance to nearly zero saving me approximately $37,000. I can’t say enough good things about Adria and would highly recommend her book and her services.
Amazon Review
Adria at Medwise is an absolute gem. She helped me contest almost $8000 in medical bills that my insurance treated as out of network but should not have as there was a network deficiency and had covered other procedures days earlier. Adria relentlessly contacted the provider even reached out to the CEO. Adria's superior knowledge of the business resulted in them being backed into a corner. The insurance paid and I owed ZERO! I highly recommend her because not only does she provide an incredibly valuable service but I felt like she really cared. She was upset about what the hospital and insurance were trying to do to me. Having Adria have my back and her being an aggressive advocate was an amazing experience. Buy this book as it contains a treasure trove of valuable info.
Amazon Review
Thank you Adria for doing such a great job! It was so frustrating being double charged for an 'out of network' anesthesia bill. We knew nothing about the 'out of network' part. To think this company did this regularly and ruined people's credit scores when they didn''t pay. I was amazed at how quickly you got them to drop the bill to something far more reasonable. Your knowledge and expertise saved us $2000! We will call you again if we ever get stuck in a situation like that again. Thank you!
Adria Gross got a $27,000 medical bill down to $0 within a few months. I honestly didn't have any expectations that we could get relief when we decided to work with Medwise Insurance Advocacy but she delivered as advertised. It turns out that the provider had already been paid three to four times the customary rates for their services and was asking for more on top of that! We never would have been able to navigate the medical billing system and get a fair deal without her expertise and fierce advocacy. We're so happy with the outcome and feel empowered to deal with any medical billing issues in the future. We highly recommend Solved! Curing Your Medical Insurance Problems: Advice from MedWise Insurance Advocacy. Thank you so much Adria!
Thomas Modenbach
I read about Adria by chance in an insurance company Yelp review where she helped a client recover money the insurance company would not pay. I kept her name in mind if I ever had a medical billing problem. Well, sure enough, a couple of years later I ran into an issue where an ER doctor was trying to balance bill me for a visit my daughter had. I know the money they were billing me was small beans compared to what Adria was used to dealing with, but she was compassionate about the situation and gave me specific instructions about how to handle the situation. Unfortunately, I don’t see this being the last time I am going to have medical billing issues and I know who I will certainly call if I do.
If you are looking for guidance paying for your medical bills then read this book. The Health care industry is broken. Paying for and trying to use your Health insurance is also broken. There is is no CARE in Heath care any more. I highly recommend this book so you can read stories on how Adria has helped so many people deal with their grossly overcharged medical bill challenges. You will feel confident after reading this book because it is written by an expert who knows how to take on the Health care companies and insurance companies. I also contacted Adria after reading the book to solve my unexpected medical bills. Adria got back to me promptly, cared about helping me, and as a result I was able to reduce my three medical bills by 80%. I am glad I came across Solved: Curing your Medical Insurance problems and happy I had someone like Adria in my corner.
Amazon Review
This book doesn't just save its readers their hard-earned dollars, it saves something even more precious - their peace of mind. Adria is an outstanding patient advocate, and having this book on your bedstand is almost as good as having her at your side when you deal with the "puzzle palace" that we call the insurance industry. After I read this work, I made sure to meet with her personally. I can guarantee you - she is as authentic in person as she is between these pages. If you are anticipating dealing with a recalcitrant insurer, Solved! is essential to claiming and getting what your insurance will want to deny you. Jerry Ashton co-author "The Patient, The Doctor and The Bill Collector: An Obamacare and Medical Debt Collections Survival Guide."
Amazon Review
I hired Adria's services for a large hospital bill that was declined by the insurance company. After a few weeks of calls, emails and her relentless perseverance with the insurance company, we finally got paid. She is amazing and without her help we would never gotten paid by the insurance. She knows the inside works and knows how to approach the issue to have it resolved properly. I highly recommend her services.
Amazon Review
This amazing woman took the time to respond to my email, called me and gave me all the local contacts I needed to get my medical bills and insurance hassles solved following my husband's colonoscopy. We had tried to work with the insurance company and medical providers for months and were like hamsters on a wheel until we were lucky enough to find this lady. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Nancy in Austin
The author successfully handled a 2 year old medical bill by personally dealing with both the provider and insurer. She was unbelievably persistent and exhibited a personal passion in getting the job done.
Charles Egan
Adria is sincerely concerned about helping her customers. She's seen the ins and outs of the medical billing world and is passionate about seeing people get fair treatment. I can personally attest to how wonderful Adria's services are, and the concern she has for people. Would recommend her any day.
Ryan D.
After reading this book, I decided to contact the author. My wife had a life saving emergency out of network, and the hospital that treated her did not properly submit claims. I was getting notices for over a year claiming I owed hundreds of thousands of dollars. Ms. Gross contacted the hospital and our insurance company and solved the problem to the extent that the hospital finally filed the claims properly and was paid, leaving me with a zero balance. If anyone finds themselves in such a situation, I highly recommend using her services, she took away my sleepless nights!
Amazon Review
When a loved one is diagnosed with lymphoma, the last thing you need is to become the unwilling participant in a ping pong game played by the incompetents in a hospital's coding department and the incompetents in an insurance company's payment department. Adria cut through the gamesmanship and got on the phone with the right higher-ups; within one day, the vice president of the hospital and the oncologist contacted my loved one personally, clearing the path for prompt treatment of a life-threatening disease. If you EVER find yourself in need of an intelligent, diligent, unwavering advocate to contend with health care providers or insurance companies, Adria is the person to contact.
M.E. Kent
Adria Goldman Gross who is an Advocate and has devoted her life to helping others with medical billing problems has helped me Richard Formont II with Getting $ 50,000 dollars of dept down to 15 to 20.000 or more. In a few weeks i'll know for sure. if your in need of help with Hospital Bills reach out to Adria Goldman Gross. Adria has been their and Done That and has devoted her life to Helping Others. I highly recomend as I did for you to buy Adrias Book: Solved ! Curing Your Medical Insurance Problems By: Adria Goldman Gross on Amazon.com . I Promise you will not be Sorry !!!! or let Down. With Adria's help I can Breath Again. Look on my Facebook page in a few weeks to see how Adria helped me . Buy this Book you won' be sorry.......
Richard Formont II
Adria Gross is terrific. I sought her advise about some denied insurance claims I had and in less than 5 minutes she cut through all the noise with an insightful assessment and plan for what to do. She knows her stuff. Her book is well written and filled with useful tips.
Peter B.
I bought this book after consulting with Adria about a complicated medical bill. She is extremely knowledgeable about the whole process and I hoped to learn how to be more effective and successful in dealing with future medical billing mishaps. The book contains so much great information! I feel much better prepared to tackle medical billing and insurance issues.
Amazon Review
The question is not "if'" you need this guide, it's "when" you need this guide that becomes so obvious as you read through the information of what to look for, how and where to get answers to just about any medical billing issue. Insurance claims and hospital bill can be misleading, inaccurate, esoteric, and confusing. Doing battle with the data alone is an uphill struggle to just seek out simple fairness. This book, to the point, concise and well organized, begins to strip away the layers of complexity to solve medical insurance problems. It's a good resource for knowing where to get information, file complaints, and get answers. There's information about what to look for and avoid prior to engaging medical services as well. Highly recommended for getting to the bottom of a particular medical insurance problem, and a handy resource for understanding what to do before medical services to protect against over charges and unfair practices.
Amazon Review
I had the good fortune to speak with Ms. Gross on some insurance issues that were plaguing me, and she recommended that I buy her book. Thanks to Ms. Gross' advice over both the phone and in print, I was able to successfully negotiate my unreasonable hospital bill down by a significant percent. There is a lot of good, specific advice here, such as Medicare lookups for billing codes in your hospital bill, and healthcare specific negotiation tactics. And of course, any specific questions can always be addressed to Ms Gross online as well; I found her to be very open and helpful, and more so than other authors I've tried to contact.
Amazon Review
I have been saving newspaper accounts of outrageous hospital & doctor billing practices for years. Then I found this book, which has brief, cogent explanations of what you need to know in order to understand how to fight back -- or at least what choices you can make to keep those bills as low as possible. I also had several conversations with the author about my daughter's insanely expensive emergency room visit last year. She was generous with her time, very helpful. And has a good sense of humor. Who could ask for more?
Amazon Review
I did not know this amazing resource was available until we had a miserable experience. We had be dealing with a hospital claim for over a year and were not getting any resolutions. Thankfully we found Mrs. Gross! She is amazing. She was able to get our claim settled with a zero balance due. This book is so informative. I have learned so much reading it and going through this experience with Mrs. Gross. Mrs. Gross, I cannot express how thankful I am for your help with this medical claim. Thank you so much for your assistance, knowledge, persistence, as well as your encouragement and kindness. I am so grateful that God lead us to you. I am so glad there is someone like you who will fight for consumers who are being ran over by the insurance industry and dishonest medical facilities. You are the answer to my prayers!
Amazon Review
This book is amazing! I used the information in this book to help with figuring out if my mom was being ripped off by various doctors. This offers a step by step guide on how to deal with it. I used it to save over $5400 with just one phone call and reading some of the text to the person on the other end of the line. It only took one phone call. There are tons of strategies, tips and tricks on how to deal with all the bills you get when it comes to healthcare. In today’s day and age everyone needs this book with rising health care costs and you companies sending you more and more bills with many of them completely wrong or able to be reduced with simple strategies. I highly recommend this book. It’s VERY good.
Amazon Review
During open enrollment, my friend signed up for medical coverage for $383/month with 0 deductible! My wife needed an affordable medical plan too. Since we didn’t qualify for an Obamacare subsidy, I called that company. The representative asked my wife’s pre-existing conditions and income, then offered a similar plan like my friend. The plan had no income restrictions and seemed wonderful. The representative she said she's a licensed agent and explained that this plan was able to cover both routine and critical care with modest co-pays and 0 deductible because: (a) mental health and substance abuse coverage are excluded, and because (b) it works like the "group rate for private health plan at a large company”, but in this case, "the group is made-up of individuals like my wife". I said WOW and signed up! Nevertheless, I contacted MedWise to double check and play it safe. Based upon advice from Adria Gross, I subsequently checked the details of the plan at the links that the Agent had sent me. According to the Member Portal for this so-called insurance plan, the coverage had two primary modules, Vital Care Elite and Pivotal 20000: + Vital Care Elite plan provides health coverage for everyday non-emergency / non-chronic medical needs such as: wellness care, plus primary care doctor or urgent care visits. — That’s good, as informed by the agent + The Vital Care Elite plan utilizes the PHCS Network to facilitate care for both sickness and injury related medical needs. The PHCS Network is a national healthcare provider network that includes thousands of physicians, hospitals, and other outpatient care facilities. — That’s likewise good, as informed + "Vital Care Elite is not a major medical insurance plan.” — Hmm… + Vital Care Elite plan covers up to two, just TWO medical visits per year — Yikes! + Routine medical visits are covered 100% after the copay, up to the $150 limit — Yikes! + Pivotal 20000 plan will cover up to $5000 per year for critical care only — Yikes! If I hadn’t read Adrias book and contacted Medwise, I would have been misled, since the Agent neglected to mention the last three points. The Plan's office would not let me cancel prior to the start date of service. So, I called my credit card to dispute their initial charge. Thanks to Adria's knowledge and guidance, my wife enrolled in a legitimate medical insurance plan during the final days of Open Enrollment and now has decent coverage for 2021.
Amazon Review
Adria is amazing! With one 20-minute phone call she saved us a couple thousand dollars. She also helped me make sure that my Dad had the absolute best care without being overcharged in anyway. She saved our family over $10,000 in costs related to transportation, assisted living and skilled nursing facilities. Not to mention she saved dozens of hours in learning the system that is designed for time pressured regular people to not learn. She is absolutely amazing and super effective. You simply can't learn what she knows or be as effective to her. I highly recommend her working with you. Thanks!
David Oliver
My name is Bianey Paramo and I would just like to take the time to say how thankful my family and I are to Adria Gross for helping us resolve a very big hospital bill above $23,000. I have four children and my husband is the only one who works and it worried us on how we were going to pay the amount. I thank God for meeting Adria Gross and all of her hard work in turning $23,000 to just $600. I hope God sends her many blessings and helps her to keep helping people that are in the same situation we were in, because without her we wouldn't have solved this problem.
Bianey Paramo
I cannot thank you enough for your recent medical bill advocacy on my behalf regarding an exorbitant medical bill for routine blood work. Feeling caught between a lab that was billing me and an insurance company that would not honor its claim, I turned to you for advocacy. You immediately allayed my concerns, worked closely with me, conducted valuable research and together we contacted the laboratory involved to resolve this issue, all within one week. Due to your stalwart involvement, the laboratory settled for a small payment-in-full that amounted to 24 times less than the lab originally charged for its work. You immediately brought to the lab’s attention a fee amount that is usual, reasonable, customary and allowable, based on your expertise and they immediately accepted the offer. It must also be stated that throughout this ordeal you remained accessible, personable, affable and good-humored, characteristics that certainly made me feel much better. It is clear to me that our system has been designed for profit on the part of insurance companies and others involved in the medical profession as opposed to attending to the health of our citizenry. The system is also terribly complicated and bureaucratic. That said, it is good to know that there are decent individuals such as you who can offer a helping hand at a time of need. I highly recommend your professional services without hesitation to anyone experiencing a medical billing issue. Together, we fought “Goliath” and because of your advocacy, clearly “David won the battle”.
Robert Aloise
I have known Adria for almost fifteen years. Over the years, Adria has [assisted] me and my family in many medical and health insurance matters. She has been able to create a resolution to every medical insurance difficulty that we have encountered . . . guiding us through the obstacles. Adria looks at the intricate details of the situation and is always able to solve whatever problems we face. Adria has demonstrated her ability to interpret all of our medical bill issues and decipher incorrect coding or human errors. With every distressed situation, Adria relieves our fears and trepidation. We feel blessed to know Adria and would recommend her to any organization or future ambition that she might desire.
R. Cloth
Due to MedWise Insurance Advocacy within a short period of time my denied claim was paid. I experienced a test at a New York City hospital; all the bills were paid by my insurance carrier except for the pathology reports. The hospital is located in New York City and the pathology bills were sent from another state. The insurance company kept denying the claims since the bill was being sent from outside New York State. Adria Gross, at MedWise, realized the confusion and kept going up the ladder within the insurance company for them to understand, determine and agree that the claim was payable. Bravo to MedWise for contesting the claim to be paid! Thank you Adria at MedWise for your productive work and fortitude.
Jerris Mungai
I've known Adria for several years and have had numerous opportunities to discuss business ideas and processes with her. I have gone to her numerous times for information and advice regarding her areas of expertise. Adria is extremely knowledgeable and always willing to help. She has received a great deal of recognition in her field, all of which is well deserved. I have no hesitation recommending Adria for all of your billing needs.
Laura Mann
Owner, Law Offices of Laura S. Mann, LLC
Adria Gross is a hard-working, conscientious professional. She is enthusiastic and keeps on top of the latest news and regulations in her industry. Her services would definitely add value to your company.
Karen Walker
Instructor, Orange County Community College
Adria . . . is an outstanding insurance advocate for many individuals and families. My family had a situation where our internal medicine physician did not have a contract with Medicare. For us to receive reimbursement from our secondary insurer, we were required to obtain a letter of denial from Medicare. We called on Adria and she was able to obtain a denial from Medicare and a reimbursement from our secondary insurer. Without Adria's assistance, I do not know if we could have ever received a compensation for our medical bills. I would highly recommend Adria to all of my friends, colleagues, and clients as an effective communicator serving as a liaison between all patients, medical providers, attorneys and insurance companies with any medical insurance problems that surface.
G. Price
Adria reviewed and analyzed medical bills and Medicare statements for us in a litigated matter and did a phenomenal job, enabling us to provide proof of the appropriateness of the amounts claimed. Adria is diligent and dedicated to her task, and I recommend her most highly. Top qualities: great results, personable, expert.
Steven Milligram
I just wanted to thank you so very much for all the professional support, direction and recommendations you provided for me regarding my parents' health insurance issue. I am so appreciative that you were able to provide such a quick turnaround of information which enabled us to make very important decisions in a timely manner. I will surely be recommending you and your services where I can . . . you were a lifesaver and the support I so needed at such a difficult time.
Kimberley B.
Adria has the highest percentage of claims paid within thirty days. She quickly follows up on claims that were not paid and her follow ups always led to quick resolutions. Adria always stays current with Medicare changes, insurance changes and regulations, as well as new CPT coding updates. Adria is professional, knowledgeable, ethical and highly motivated. She will be an asset in any work environment.
Dr. B.
Adria has provided excellent service for our company for many years. [She] has proven her expertise in billing issues especially with Medicare. With our company, we deal with complicated, multi-code claim submissions. With Adria on these claims we do not have to worry about any denials . . . we are certain that we will receive payment. She gives her unspanided attention to completing the process of submitting and payment of all claims. Adria is highly respected by our employees and us. She has had an amazing impact on our company's atmosphere. Adria always approaches her job as a professional businesswoman. We consider her a great asset to the company.
O & P
I extend my sincerest thanks on behalf of my mother and my entire family for your hard work. I was overwhelmed with the sheer number of medical bills that continued to barrage me daily-that's when I turned to you. Your professionalism, sensitivity and timeliness helped to make a very difficult situation better. Your ability to negotiate with doctors and hospitals saved my mother both time and a great deal of money. Thank you for all you have done to help my family. I would recommend you and your company to anyone who needs help dealing with medical bills.
Catherine Redmond
Adria helps me bring the best to my clients. She is extremely generous with her vast knowledge and I call on her to answer tough medical billing questions for me and my clients. She knows the 'ins and outs' of the insurance industry and has the patience and persistence to get things done! Thank you, Adria! Top qualities: personable, expert, high integrity.
Karen Rosenberg Caccavo
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