Associated Health Plans

Negotiating Medical Bills is Possible with a Medical Bill Advocate

Faith-Based Health Cost Sharing Vs. Associated Health Plans

Negotiating Medical Bills is Necessary to Save on Costs Taking care of our health can be a costly endeavor. The ability to pay can become a matter of life and death if bills rack up over long term care that falls into collections. That is why having insurance is so important during unexpected emergencies or when someone has a chronic illness. Medwise Insurance Advocacy, your medical bill advocate, has been negotiating with companies that offer health “cost-sharing” that is not [...]


Are Low Cost Associated Health Plans Worth It?

Your health is great, until it isn’t. Health care plans that are pitched to someone who is healthy may not necessarily cover them when sick, especially if a low cost Associated Health Plan (AHP) is purchased. The latest news in healthcare is the introduction of AHPs that offer alternative coverage that is not governed by the Affordable Care Act. These plans boast being a cost saver for small businesses and sole entrepreneurs. Although plans will be flexible and inexpensive, [...]