Negotiating Medical Bills is Possible with a Medical Bill Advocate

Faith-Based Health Cost Sharing Vs. Associated Health Plans

Negotiating Medical Bills is Necessary to Save on Costs Taking care of our health can be a costly endeavor. The ability to pay can become a matter of life and death if bills rack up over long term care that falls into collections. That is why having insurance is so important during unexpected emergencies or when someone has a chronic illness. Medwise Insurance Advocacy, your medical bill advocate, has been negotiating with companies that offer health “cost-sharing” that is not [...]


Appealing Self-Insured Benefits Denials

Big corporations are no stranger to self-insuring their employees. When an employer only contracts with an insurance carrier for insurance services such as enrollment, claims processing and provider networks with a third party administrator, the employer is agreeing to be the party to payout any medical bills incurred by their employees. Keep in mind, that a self-insured employer doesn’t even have to contract with an insurance company to administer such services and can self-administer their self-insurance. To look up if [...]