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Adria Gross has great news if you haven’t heard yet.

Wednesday January 23, 2013 and Thursday January 24, 2013, Adria Gross was on CBS in New York City to talk about how many people are being overcharged on their hospital and medical bills.  CBS filmed Adria on Wednesday morning and placed her on the CBS 11:00 PM and CBS 6:00 PM local news.

Take a look at:

Adria is also talking to NBC about a case where she was successful with her client’s bills which were reimbursed after 10 denials.  The original amount the client had paid the facility was over $35,000 and with interest the state demanded the insurance carrier to pay back to the client over $40,000.

 If you know someone who has really high hospital or medical bills and needs assistance, Adria Gross may be able to help them get reduced or reimbursed by the health insurance carrier.

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