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Medical Bills Affect Credit and Cause Bankruptcy: There are Solutions

The debt from medical bills are like a black hole on a credit report. Tracking the origin of the medical bills is the first step to navigating the debt and determining if and how the bills can be reduced. Medical providers are less likely to report the debt to a credit reporting agency and are more likely to contract it out to a debt collection agency. Not knowing how to strike a deal for medical debt can lead to [...]


6 Steps to Lower Medical Bills before Service is Rendered and You Pay for It

Health insurance coverage requires contracts between insurance companies, employers, employees, private individuals, as well as, state and federal governments. The Affordable Care Act, which covers 20 million people, limits the wiggle room companies have when crafting these contractual agreements. The contractual limitations trigger protections for long-term care, coverage for preexisting conditions, dependent coverage until age 26, as well as, restricting usage caps and preventative care cost sharing. Another facet of the ACA is an individual mandate. The mandate requires all [...]


ACA… “Obamacare”… New Health Care… 10 Tips to Reduce Medical Bills On Any Health Plan

The United States is in a time of transition. Anxiety over changes in health insurance and paying medical bills is rising as the Senate took steps to repeal “Obamacare” and the administration made an executive order about health care on January 20th, 2017. Advice from a medical bill advocate on how to lower health costs on any plan is needed now more than ever! Some of the rights and protections of Affordable Care Act policies are coverage for people with [...]